About Our Church

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I see a church that is full to overflowing no matter how many services we put on.

Constantly full of people hungry for an encounter with God, and receiving that encounter.
I see people trained to tune in to the frequency of the Holy Spirit in such a way that they walk in the same supernatural level of empowerment that the first apostles did, and more.

I see worship so attuned to the Holy Spirit’s flow that the effect of that worship is like the waves of the Holy Spirit crashing on the shores of our souls.
Sometimes overwhelming, sometimes violent, sometimes gently caressing our hearts, always releasing new levels of glory.

I see people who in every season are brought closer to the fullness of the stature of Christ.

In the midst of the outpouring, I see that beyond the thousands who come to be equipped for ministry, a core membership that is united in purpose to go hard after God, while all the time guarding what God has called us to as a body of believers – the manifest presence of God in our midst.

I see creative miracles becoming the hallmark of our ministry here.
I see blind eyes opened, deaf ears opened.
I see metal implants disappearing because they’re not needed anymore, and crooked limbs straightened and restored.
I see cancer disappearing and incurable diseases banished.
I see addictions broken.
I see ungodly covenants broken.
I see shame being broken off peoples’ lives.
I see conviction come followed by true repentance – the true hallmark of a move of God.
I see purity being restored to the hearts of God’s children.
I see destinies being released through prophetic ministry.
I see people who live out of the truth of God’s Word.
I see disciples raised up who carry the fire of God everywhere they go.

I see a people raised up who are so in love with God that those they encounter actually encounter Jesus through them.

I see a company of people raised up as a pure spotless bride.

Pastor John Hemans
Open Heaven Church