Senior Pastors

John and Kerry Hemans

Pastors John & Kerry Hemans

John Hemans is the senior pastor of Open Heaven Church, and is an ordained minister of the Foursquare Church Australia.
His wife Kerry is a licensed minister with the Foursquare Church.

Both John and Kerry have remarkable testimonies of God’s saving and tranforming power in their lives.

John was radically saved in 1996 in a personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

In his own words…

“I ran away from God as a teenager, having been brought up in a Christian home. In my years of rebellion I fell into drug addiction and lived a life that was as far away from Jesus as I could get.
But Jesus is a redeemer, and now he uses the very things I fell into as a testimony of God’s power to save, deliver, heal and restore all who are broken.”

God called John as an evangelist just a few weeks after he gave his life to Jesus Christ in 1996. He started serving in worship teams a few months later, and began giving his testimony and performing outreach concerts in prisons in 1997.

In 2003 John began to feel a burning desire to take the gospel to areas of our community that the church doesn’t always reach, and founded Church in the Park that year, in the process founding Kingdom Reign Ministries.
In 2004 John felt the call to go to Bible College, and graduated in 2007 from LIFE Bible College in Sydney Australia.

John and his wife Kerry were called to take up the role of senior pastors of Open Heaven Church (previously River of Life Church) in June 2011.

“We are passionate about seeing Christians rise up into the call of God that He places on each believer, and passionate about the Church reaching out to those who don’t know Jesus¬† with the full power of the Gospel” says John.

You can read John’s full testimony here.