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Our Youtube livestream address is -

Our Youtube livestream address is -

Our Youtube livestream address is -

Video clips

We have so many testimonies from our church members and visitors  - too good not to share!

20 years of back damage instantly reversed!

Foot injury healed

Deafness healed

Papua New Guinea Mission Trip - healing, miracles and signs and wonders

Kidney condition healed, diabetes healed, cataracts healed...

Julia's medication was cancelled after a word of knowledge and prayer...


Virginia received new heart valves

Camelia was healed of a serious lung condition

Mission Trip - Baiune Papua New Guinea 2015

Hip displacement instantly healed...

Lily was healed as she went forward for prayer...

Medically verified miracle - heart restored

Toe injury that prevented running healed

Long term knee injury healed

Boy healed of tinnitus in response to a word of knowledge

10 years of knee pain instantly healed...


Testimony of healing, which was then multiplied by 3, plus a God appointment!


Kylie's amazing testimony of healing of her liver...


Keshni is instantly healed of a problem with her foot...


Mission Trip Report - India April 2012


Ian's testimony of being healed, baptised, and baptised in the Spirit!

Rina Kumari - Healing testimony from our Friday night Presence Revival Service , Friday March 9 2012

Christa Parpis - Healing testimony from our Sunday morning service, Sunday 26th February 2012


Open Heaven Church youth group releases the power of God at McDonald's - Friday 24th February 2012


Lillis Boyer - Healing testimony from our Presence Revival Service, Friday 11th  November 2011


Christine Helou - Healing Testimony from our Presence Revival Service, Friday 2nd December, 2011