Church in the Park kicks off for 2012 on February 4th

In the last 12 months at Church in the Park we have seen people come to salvation, experience the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and witnessed a series of miraculous healings, including –

  • A little boy who could not stand upright and dragged himself around using his arms can now stand and walk – his mother gave his testimony at Church in the Park
  • A friend of ours who had long-term visual impairment testified to her eyesight being so improved that she was no longer under threat of losing her driver’s license
  • A man with a long-term shoulder problem who could not lift his hand past his shoulder was immediately and completely healed after responding to a word of knowledge
  • A woman with torn muscles under her rib cage was instantly healed after responding to a word of knowledge
  • Another lady received the baptism of the Holy Spirit as soon as we laid hands on her and prayed
  • A man at our last event gave his life to the Lord, completely undone in tears of repentance.

Praise God!

We are looking forward to great things in 2012 – our first event will be Saturday, 4th February at 12 PM in Bigge Park, Bigge Street, Liverpool here in Sydney.

Aaron comes to salvation!


Tracey - healed of torn muscles