Healing Testimonies from Healing Service, 20th September 2013

On Friday 20th September Open Heaven Church held a Healing Service, where members of Healing Rooms Australia joined with Open Heaven Church and Pastor Minta Baker in praying for the sick.

Giving Words of Knowledge before prayer for the sick

Giving Words of Knowledge before prayer for the sick

The following are some of the testimonies, as recorded by Healing Rooms staff.

  • Lady phoned the next day to confirm incontinence was healed.
  • On the night a man claimed that the gout in his left foot had reduced from 7/10 to 2 /10
  • 2 people with back pain healed.
  • Man healed from Trauma and Guilt.
  • Stroke victim had healing from emotional issues
  • Pain in right side of neck disappeared.
  • 2 people with ankle pain healed
  • 2 x shoulder pain healed, felt better, next day was worse, than 2 days later felt much better. Two occurrences of this.
  • Another lady could not lift shoulder, got the pain down from 8/10 to 2/10.
  • Word of knowledge called for lady with bright red fingernail. Pain went in the hand.
  • 2 x people with reflux feeling better
  • Lady with childbirth issues feeling better.
  • Lady with pain in hips healed.
  • Lady started shaking saying her organs were moving around inside. She was laughing and feeling ticklish.
  • Man came saying he was overcome with lust, pride, jealousy, shame and guilt, he was set free.
  • Lady had pain in toes on left foot.
  • Another lady was healed of incontinence.
  • A lady had anxiety and was touched by Jesus, great peace come upon her.
  • Another lady had shoulder pain, could not put a backpack on but left with no pain and was able to put her backpack on.
  • A man had pain in his left foot, the foot started moving around on its own, the man said, I cannot stop it moving and he was healed.
  • Another woman with serious eyesight problems had significant improvement, confirmed by her eye specialist staff.

Most of the testimonies are as a result of people responding to words of knowledge given by Healing Rooms team members, along with Pastor Minta Baker and Pastor John Hemans.

We praise God that Jesus still heals today!