Healing Testimony

Monday, 22nd August 2011

Yesterday morning as I was praying before church the Lord showed me something in the Spirit.

It was if there was a silhoutte of a human body before me, and then a round red glow appeared over the left shoulder area. I recognised this as a word of knowledge for healing, but then suddenly the red glow vanished, only to re-appear much more brightly over the right shoulder.

I thought maybe I had it wrong the first time, and that God was showing me a right shoulder problem He wanted to heal.

So during the Sunday morning service I mentioned that the Lord had shown me a shoulder problem He wanted to heal, and asked if anyone had a shoulder problem that they needed healing for.

Three people immediately came forward for prayer. As it turns out, one had a left shoulder problem, and two had a right shoulder problem.

I realise now that in the picture the Lord showed me, He shifted the emphasis of what I was seeing to the right shoulder, as there was more than one with a problem on that side!

My wife Kerry had a word of knowledge for someone with eye problems, and two people came forward.

I got the whole church to gather around and pray, and all three with shoulder problems experienced immediate healing, and one of the two with eye problems had immediate relief from pain.

The other person with the eye problem we are continuing to pray for, and believe the Lord is releasing healing to her too.

Praise God!

Pastor John Hemans