Indian Mission Report

God did amazing things…

From 9th to the 16th April my wife Kerry and I were privileged to lead a team of six to two cities – Lyndall Hoppitt, Sylvia Deall, Richard Almonderez and Lillis Boyer came with us to minister in 7 meetings in 6 days across 2 different cities in India.

Bangalore and Kakinada were the cities we ministered in, in a series of open- air outreach meetings, conference meetings, a worship night and church service.

God poured out His Holy Spirit in amazing ways – at least 120 people gave their lives to Jesus in the outdoor outreach meetings, and we witnessed God moving in healing as literally scores of people experienced immediate healing from various physical problems.

Many were healed in response to words of knowledge, and many more were set free from demonic oppression as we prayed for them.

We individually prayed for and prophesied over literally hundreds of people, and in many meetings everyone in the meeting responded to the altar calls for prayer.

One little girl was brought to the first open air outreach by her mother with a paralysed right hand. She was unable to move her fingers at all – they were completely limp.

The first night when we prayed for her I saw two of her fingers twitch, and then the second night when her mother brought her again for prayer God instantaneously and completely healed her, and she was able to use her hand normally for the first time – praise God!

A pastor who personally knew many of the people we were prophesying over was also able to confirm that what we were speaking into their lives was addressing the situations they had been seeking the Lord about.

One man came to one of the meetings with a marriage crisis, responded to a word of knowledge, received prayer, and the pastor later informed me a reconciliation had been made with his wife.

It was an amazing time of outpouring as God moved miraculously in every meeting.

Follow this link to see our video of the trip…