Two extraordinary healing testimonies

healingA couple of weeks ago following worship in our Sunday morning service I felt the Lord wanted us to anoint those who were suffering physically in our church and pray for their healing.
One of the ladies who came forward for prayer sent me this email last Saturday night –

“Dear Pastor John, the sunday before last I was prayed for for my left knee as   it has been painful and stiff on and off for a few years but becoming worse lately. I didnt feel much at the time except the peace of God’s presence.  However over the next week or so it became apparent that the pain and stiffness was improving and i am walking much better. i also  am feeling much better in myself with more energy.

That sunday you called us to come for  healing as we were having communion – I believe by His stripes I am healed  and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

Even though the condition is long standing and I am 80 the Lord is faithful.

Thank you and kerry and the team for your prayer and faithfulness


Brenda’s knee was healed, but that is not the end of the story – The same night (last Saturday night) just after Brenda’s email arrived, I received a text message from one of our leaders, Lyndall, whose knee had failed on her suddenly – she could not move it or put weight down at all. She was so immobilised by what had happened she was unable to make it to church on Sunday morning, so during Sunday morning church I called Brenda forward to give her testimony of her healing, so that we would all be encouraged to have faith for Lyndall’s healing.

I asked Lyndall’s husband Barrie to call Lyndall up on the phone, and the whole church stood and prayed for Lyndall’s healing. By the time Brenda had finished praying for Lyndall, she could move her knee freely.

By the time I spoke to her today she had just dropped her car off to be serviced and had walked all the way home – praise God!
Pastor John